Hi, I'm Matt Walsh from Perth, Australia.

I currently work as a System Administrator who enjoys building things and solving problems with programming. My favourite language currently is Python - due to its extensive standard and external libraries, allowing rapid prototyping and development.

class Person:
    def __init__(self, fav_language, hobbies):
        self.fav_language = fav_language
        self.hobbies = hobbies

    def about_me(self):
        hobbies_output = ", ".join(self.hobbies)
        last_comma = hobbies_output.rfind(",")
        hobbies_output = (
            + hobbies_output[last_comma].replace(",", " and")
            + hobbies_output[last_comma + 1 :]
        print(f"I love {self.fav_language} and my hobbies include {hobbies_output}!")

matt = Person("Python", ["coding", "music", "electronics"])
# I love Python and my hobbies include coding, music and electronics!

I've always been drawn to IT due to the abundance of change in the sector, creating an endless supply of new skills to learn. My years of experience in System Administration and Programming enables me to solve complex problems and automate routine tasks.

electrical components for a reverb pedal
electrical components for a reverb pedal

When I'm not working I enjoy an array of hobbies.

One is electronics, I enjoy building devices, usually audio devices, which flows into another hobby of mine, playing music. Some of my favourite builds have been an 18W valve guitar amplifier, a hifi amplifier and a guitar chorus pedal.

Music has always been a passion of mine. I play the guitar, keyboard and sing. I enjoy recording music at home too. I used to perform solo and in a duet and I occasionally still play live music with a band. A highlight of my playing was being nominated for a WAM (West Australian Music) Award.

I draw parallels to writing music and programming. When I started coding I didn't understand how creative the process was, but building a program from scratch feels very similar to the creative energy utilised to write a piece of music.

Cole Clark FLA1 acoustic guitar
Cole Clark FLA1 acoustic guitar