Here's a list of some recommended learning materials and some on my current learning path.

Current Learning Material

Talk Python To Me - Michael Kennedy

Talk Python To Me
Type: Video Training
About: Python - Intermediate/Adavanced
Description: Multiple courses on Python best practices and Flask

The Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman

The Design of Everyday Things
Type: Book
About: Design
Description: Not about programming or graphic design but an interesting book about all the concepts of design

Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches - Elton Stoneman

Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches
Type: Book
About: Docker, DevOps
Description: The basics of getting Docker up and running

Refactoring 2nd Edition - Martin Fowler

Refactoring 2nd Edition
Type: Book
About: Programming
Description: Refactor patterns to apply to legacy code

Python Workout - Reuven M. Lerner

Python workout
Type: Book
About: Python - Intermediate
Description: Exercises to improve Python code quality

Recommended Learning Material

I've read, listened and watched a lot of learning material over the years, and the below items I highly recommend.

Code - Charles Petzold

Type: Book
About: Programming, Intro to Computer Engineering
Description: First half is a great intro to how computers work, starts getting a bit complex later on with a deeper dive into CPU and RAM but great initial foray into computer engineering.

The Phoenix Project - Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford

The Phoenix Project
Type: Book
About: DevOps
Description: This was a great read, even if you're not working in DevOps it's worth picking up. Opens your eyes to how work silos and miscommunication kills organisations.

Learn Python the Hard Way - Zed Shaw

Learn Python the Hard Way
Type: Book
About: Python - Intro/Intermediate
Description: Just a good thorough Python book.

Eloquent JavaScript - Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript
Type: Book
About: JavaScript - Intermediate/Advanced
Description: A book that goes deep into JavaScript and all modern practices with ES6+ language updates.

Grokking Algorithms - Aditya Y. Bhargava

Grokking Algorithms
Type: Book
About: Programming
Description: This is a great primer to fundamental algorithms and how one would write them in Python.

Effective Python 2nd Edition - Brett Slatkin

Effective Python
Type: Book
About: Python - Intermediate/Advanced
Description: Great lookup resource for Python specific tips and tricks to write cleaner, more Pythonic code.